Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Does The Elevation of Christ Mean For Us?

"Who is even at the right hand of God" (Romans 8:34).

As you sip your coffee this morning, think about these words. Jesus is at the right hand of God.
Jesus Christ, once despised and rejected of men, now occupies the honorable position of a beloved and honored Son. The right hand of God is the place of majesty and favor. Our Lord Jesus is the representative of His people. When Jesus died for us, we received rest. When He rose up from the grave and defeated death, we received liberty. When He sat down at His Father's right hand, we received favor, honor, and dignity. The raising and elevation of Christ to the right hand of God represents the elevation, acceptance, and glorifying of all His people, for He is the head and representative of the Church. While the world may still seek class division, God and His church is the great unifier.

This elevation of Christ is the acceptance of the Representative of God, and therefore, the acceptance of our souls. As His people, we have received freedom from condemnation. Who shall condemn the men who are in Jesus at the right hand of God?

The right hand is the place of power. God’s placement of Jesus on His right hand shows that God has given Jesus all power in heaven and in earth. Who dare fight against the people of the Lord? Do you realize that the Omnipotence is your helper? If the protection and guidance of the Almighty envelopes you, what evil force can harm you? Therefore, child of God, rest secured. If Jesus is your Savior and Lord, and you enjoy a personal relationship with Him, rest secured. If Jesus is your King, He has crushed your enemies under His feet, and He has vanquished sin, death, and hell. You are represented in and by Him and cannot be destroyed. Be bold and confident as you walk through this day. Remember, you are a child of the King!

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for your all-compassing care. Help me to live this day with the assurance that I am fully encompassed in your embrace. Amen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Help Comes From God

“My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” Psalms 121:2, KJV

In the evening of life when the body grows increasingly frail and daily routines become more challenging, David reminds us that our help comes from God. In the darkest of times, when those we count on let us down, and life seems harder than it ought to be, David reminds us that our help comes from God. When the economy is bad and sleep and jobs are both lost and rare; and when we are not quiet sure how we are going to find money for the next tank of gas, David reminds us that our help comes from God.

So as life throws you strike balls and your swings count you out, remember that God wants you to learn a most valuable lesson, without God we can’t hit the ball. When we step up to life’s plate, grip the bat, and eye the coming pitch, we are most certain to strike out; unless, we realize that our help comes from the Creator who has granted us abilities, talents, and time. Only God knows the number of days you will hold these precious gifts or how long they will last. For some, they finish like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day.

God has granted you this moment, the capacity to read, to think, to praise. Pause and give Him praise for allowing you to be. Recognize that without Him, you are powerless to reach your goals and dreams. Acknowledge that if God chooses to help you in what you are doing, and He always helps those who are doing His will, you can do great and mighty works. Count your many blessings and give thanks to Christ today, your help comes from him.