Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introducing Same-Sex "Marriage" to Natural Law

I am appalled at the ease at which traditionally evangelical churches have thrown aside the authority of Scripture on the issue of homosexuality. It is expected today that the first same-sex “marriage” will occur in our state of North Carolina and most of our pastors are silent on the issue. It is as if pastors have waved the white flag of defeat, naively believing this issue will not affect them or their church, and giving no thought to society, our nation, nor the Lord’s Kingdom. I was prodded to writing this today after reading a Facebook post where a fellow Baptist naively referred to same-sex “marriage” as the “new normal.”

There is nothing new about sin, and there is nothing normal about homosexuality. Let us momentarily lay aside that Scripture calls homosexuality an abomination. In fact, let us remove the teaching of Scripture from the issue altogether. I do this in hope of avoiding the attacks of being a Bible-thumping evangelical Christian, which I am very proud to be. Let us talk about “natural law” and move the debate into the realm of philosophy.

Natural law is derived from nature, with laws, rules, and moral behavior (both personal and social) being derived from nature. If memory serves me right, Thomas Aquinas argued that for any sexual act to be moral it had to be generative. Since both male sperm and the female egg are required to produce life, natural law argues that any sexual act other than male-female is immoral. As same-sex “marriages” become more politically and socially accepted, society suffers and human population is reduced. If everyone enters a same sex union, the human race would soon become extinct, unless modern fertility procedures rushes in to save the day using ancient natural law methodology of the sperm and the egg. Until same-sex relationships can naturally become genitive without medical intervention, nature declares the act unnatural.

In lovingly addressing the current events to congregations, politicians, and LGBTQIAs, let me challenge men and women of God to reach deeper than their faith and look at natural law. You will then find the strength and resolve to stand firm on the Scripture and the principles of God, for you will have both Scripture and natural law to strengthen your stance and make your message more convincing. Remember, even before Scripture, our Creator breathed natural law into existence for the created.