Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Valley of Vision

“The burden of the valley of vision,” (Isaiah 22:1a).

In Isaiah 22, we find the siege and the taking of Jerusalem because of the wicked conduct of its inhabitants. Countries rise and fall on the conduct of its citizens. I find this a timely devotion for today. Could it be that America’s best days are now behind us?

The wealth and fame of this world does not provide man his worth or excellence. All worldly attire that hangs on man will soon drop off and fade aware. In verse 23, Isaiah compares Eliakim, a type of Christ, to a nail in a sure place. In biblical times, rows of large nails or spikes were placed into the wall for movables and utensils to be hung. We do the same today to hang pictures and kitchen utensils.

Jesus is the Nail in a sure place. That soul cannot perish, nor that concern fall to the ground which is by faith hung upon Jesus Christ. Jesus will set before the believer an open door, which no person can shut, and bring both the body and should to eternal glory. But those who neglect so great a salvation will find, that when Jesus shuts the door, no matter what that door is, no person can open it, whether it be shutting out of heaven or shutting up in hell forevermore.

For one to contain this truth, to see this truth, and visualize this truth is a burden that drives the committed to work for our Lord. As Christians, we work for the Kingdom out of our deep abiding love for Christ and for what He has already done for us. The burden of the valley of vision drives the committed believer – this is an awesome burden. The believer understands the eternal consequences of wrong decisions and choices made, and the believer understands that countries rise and fall on its citizens, a consequence of obedience of those that possess the vision.

Prayer: I thank you Jesus for providing me salvation and for allowing me the burden of the valley of vision. Help me to be true to advancing the Kingdom as I pass through life. Amen.

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it was good to see you post again - missed your thougts.